Favero Console 300

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Console 300

Control console for managing FC, FS, FW, FOS, TM series multisport scoreboards. 2×20 LCD display and membrane keyboard. Wired connection.

Key features

Multisport console, ideal for managing many different sports: basketball, volleyball, handball, water polo, hockey, football, futsal, rugby, tennis, and other sports with the same features of other sports already managed.
2×20 LCD display and membrane keyboard.
Robust metal case.
Supplied with power supply unit.
Guarantee: 2 years. (info)


2×20 LCD display and membrane keyboard.

Ideal for managing many different sports, such as basketball, volleyball, handball, football, futsal, hockey, rugby, tennis, water polo, and other sports with the same features of other sports already managed (table tennis, badminton, bocce, basket 3×3, floorball, squash).

Wired communication with the scoreboards. 2 outputs are available; up to 8 scoreboards can be connected to each output.

Robust metal case.

The ball possession time can be managed either directly from the console or through the additional “Time-Console-03” console, art.232-03.

The Console-300 is not suitable to handle the ball possession time for FIBA level 1 and 2 competitions because it does not handle the tenths of a second in the last 5 seconds.

Dimensions and weight. 28.5×10.5×8 cm, 1.3kg.

Guarantee: 2 years. (info)

Parts included in the supply:

100-240V universal power supply unit.

Product options, selectable after adding the article to the basket:

Type of power supply unit plug.


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”Stewart/Adam Yes it looks great and the feedback so far has been excellent. The chap you sent to install I thought was excellent as well, he really wanted to do a good job.“

Chris Johnson, Head Coach – Sutton Coldfield Tennis Club

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